Qing Chen M.D.

Associate chief physician of cardiology, committee member of Tianjin electrocardiogram consultation center and Tianjin ECG base. Graduated from medical department of Tianjin medical university in 1985, studied cardiology in Fuwai hospital of Beijing from 1994 to 1995. From 1985 to 1999, she majored in clinical medicine of cardiovascular. Since 1999, she has been committed to ECG diagnosis and perioperative cardiopulmonary function evaluation of cancer patients. In the same year, she was appointed director of cardiopulmonary function department.

During the past 20 years, a number of professional and technical projects have been introduced and carried out, and the department has been constantly improved, such as 12 Leads ECG workstation,dynamic electrocardiogram PI analysis systems.

Our department closely cooperates with the overall development of the hospital and plays a protective role in tumor surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Since 2005, she has also served as director of emergency department for the sake of professional expertise. In view of the fact that the emergency treatment of advanced cancer patients is different from that of the general hospital, and there is no standard for the emergency management of advanced cancer patients, the common rescue procedures of the emergency department of the hospital have been gradually improved. Now a systematic and normative basis for the emergency management of patients with advanced cancer has been established.

Since service in the department, she has participated in a number of national scientific research cooperation, assisted in the completion of two projects at the hospital level, and more than 10 papers with the first author or the corresponding author have been cited in the core journals at the international and domestic levels.