Academician Xishan Hao attended the web seminar of the Senologic International Society’s (SIS) Annual Board Meeting

Professor Xishan Hao, who is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the National Clinical Research Center for Cancer, Director of Tianjin Cancer Institute and Vice President of the Senologic International Society (SIS), attended the web seminar of the SIS’s Annual Board Meeting on November 22.

All of the SIS Board of Directors simultaneously attended the Online Board Meeting, which was presided over by Prof. Maurício Magalhães Costa Each member of the Board of Directors gave a specific presentation based on their respective responsibilities and participated in discussions.

The meeting’s discussion focused mainly on the following areas: the SIS Breast Cancer Network; the quality standards of the United States Breast Center; ways of improving the financial situation of the organization and increasing the capital investment; developing the regional academic activities, especially organizing cross-regional academic conferences; strengthening cooperation with the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC), the International Society of Oncoplastic Surgery and other world-class international cancer organizations; and conducting a research survey on the management of breast cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Academician Hao, SIS Vice-President for Asia, participated in discussions on various topics, indicating that he would actively cooperate with the International School of Senology (ISS) and the quality assessment of breast centers in low-and middle-income countries, and he offered to organize a regional academic conference on breast cancer in Asia in collaboration with SIS in 2022, to which the members of Board of Directors gave a positive response. 

The Society (Société Internationale de Sénologie) was founded in 1976 by Dr. Charles-Marie Gross, the father of modern breast imaging and originator of the concept of senology. The Senologic International Society (SIS) aims to bring together all the national Senology societies around the world with the aim of improving the knowledge and quality of breast health care worldwide. Academician Hao Xishan has held the position of SIS Vice-President for Asia since 2018. During his tenure, he has actively explored and accumulated resources to enhance the organization's influence in countries along the "Belt and Road" area, striven to promote breast cancer prevention and control in the Asia-Pacific region and enhanced international cooperation. In the future, Academician Hao will continue to promote the breast center certification project of SIS, and carry out academic exchange activities on breast cancer prevention and treatment in the Asian region.

The meeting played a positive role in strengthening international cooperation, and further promoting the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in China, Asia and in the world, the final result being the improvement in medical professionals’ level of diagnosis and treatment and cancer patients' health and well-being.