TMUCIH launches Internet Hospital Services

  The National Cancer Coalition Management Forum and the Launching Ceremony of Internet Hospital Services of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital (TMUCIH) were held On October 29. The forum brought together Academicians and experts in the field of cancer throughout the country to discuss and exchange cutting edge results and ideas on specialty cooperation, high-quality hospital development, Internet hospital construction, medical service model innovation and other topics. This utilized both online and offline integration and real-time connection interaction, so as to actively promote the sharing of quality medical resources and explore the cancer specialty cooperation model. At the same time, the Internet Hospital Services Mini program on TMUCIH’s WeChat account has conducted a trial on-line operation which will provide more convenient “Internet+Medicine” health services to cancer patients.

  Prof. Jianguo Wang, Party Secretary and Director, Tianjin Municipal Health Commission; Prof. Xishan Hao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the National Clinical Research Center for Cancer and Director of Tianjin Cancer Institute; Prof. Chunshui Yu, Vice President of Tianjin Medical University; Mr. Guangming Yang, Director, Office of Network Information of Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, and the leaders, directors of clinical and research departments, head nurses and directors of administrative departments all attended the launching ceremony. Experts and scholars from 52 cancer hospitals across the country simultaneously joined the Forum and ceremony on-line.

 Prof. Qiang Zhao, Deputy Party Secretary, Vice President of TMUCIH, presided over the ceremony.

Prof. Jihui Hao, President of TMUCIH, delivered a speech

Prof. Chunshui Yu, Vice President of Tianjin Medical University, gave a speech

Prof. Jianguo Wang, Party Secretary and Director, Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, delivered a speech

  With the rapid development of information technology, the integration and development of “Internet+Medicine” has become a new trend. In order to further optimize the allocation of resources, innovate the service mode and improve the service efficiency, TMUCIH is responding positively to the strategic deployment and social needs recommended by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. They are formulating the development strategy of "one hospital and four districts " to distribute the future online hospital area. Our hospital has commissioned Beijing Yuanxin Science and Technology Group to build the platform for TMUCIH Internet Hospital, and develop the WeChat Mini Program of TMUCIH Internet Hospital so as to realize the functions of online consultation, follow up visits, pre-ions, nucleic acid test result inquiry, test report inquiry, among other things. The whole diagnosis and treatment process can be trackable, traceable and quantifiable. The patients visiting the Internet hospital can get online consultation, video consultation, online drug prescribing and other online diagnosis and treatment services; to support the drug delivery, self-service facilities for pharmacy and medical equipment and other ways to purchase drugs are available so as to achieve patient-doctor-hospital-pharmaceutical interconnection.

  82 doctors from 5 breast cancer departments have formed the first cohort to offer online services on the TUMCIH Internet Hospital platform. This has been achieved through optimizing management, integrating resources and taking into account the characteristics of cancer diseases and the actual needs of patients. Breast cancer was picked as the first specialty to go on line because of its high incidence and high demand for follow-up visits. The online consultation can be carried out with patients by means of picture, text or video. In order to reinforce the regular prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic situation and ensure the quality of patient diagnosis and treatment, we encourage patients needing follow-up visits and patients coming from different locations to access online consultation with doctors so doing away with the need to travel to the physical hospital thus avoiding crowding of outpatients in the department and reducing on-site waiting time.

  After a period of trial operation, the TMUCIH Internet Hospital will realize online consultation for all kinds of cancer diseases in our hospital, and gradually implement the services of "home health care", "patient management after hospital discharge", and "medical record delivery", so as to further enhance the patient's experience of receiving medical treatment. At the same time, the TMUCIH Internet Hospital has also planned a cooperation platform for cancer specialties. In the future, it will be possible to carry out remote diagnosis and treatment, joint outpatient services, education and training with 52 cancer hospitals across the country. The Internet Hospital will further explore new mechanisms for collaboration within specialties and collaborative development. It will play an active role in promoting the sharing of regional medical resources, standardizing the quality of cancer diagnosis and treatment, and helping the development and cooperation of oncological disciplines.