To cope with a double challenges of cancer and coronavirus, during the annual national cancer prevention week in April 15-21 , TMUCIH provided strong support to the public through adapting ways of running cancer awareness campaigns. The hospital successfully carried out online publicity activities including online free diagnosis, online consultation, online lecture and online scientific popularization to deliver cancer control knowledge, which enable the public obtain professional information by staying at home. 

To raise awareness of cancer prevention and treatment, as well as educate people with professional knowledge of cancer management, TMUCIH distributed more than 1000 copies of brochures to the counterpart hospitals in Gan Su Province which covering lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and thyroid cancer. 


Our hospital dispatched two doctors to support Gan Su Province. Dr. Zhang Wei, Associate Chief Physician of Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, provided strong support to Gan Nan Hospital since the outbreak of conronovirus. To improve the overall level of cancer treatment, Dr. Zhang help the local hospital established liver cancer department and standardized the diagnosis and treatment process. During the National Cancer Prevention Week, Dr. Zhang initiated public education for local people in the field of liver cancer which benefited to the public. 


Dr. Zhang Jun, Associate Chief Physician of the Breast Cancer Department, actively participated in the breast cancer screening program in Yong Jing County People's Hospital and also successfully carried out surgical treatment for breast cancer patients. During the national cancer prevention week, Dr. Zhang provided free consultation for cancer patients and delivered knowledge in the local hospital. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the statistics of Yong Jing County, Gan Su Province, there are more than 100 new cases occurred every year, and the proportion of cancer deaths is more than 50%. Among of them, lung cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer rank the top 3 cancer causes of death. 


The cancer control in China is a nationwide programme, not only relies on the efforts of the government and professional institutions, but also requires the active participation of all sectors of society and the public. As a specialized tumor hospital, TMUCIH will continuously make contribution in the fighting against cancer, but also will work closely with the people of Gan Su Province to take action of reducing cancer burden.