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                   Special coverage in Nature magazine for Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital (TMUCIH)

   A special report on TMUCIH has been published in Nature Index on Cancer, which is included in Nature, on April 23, 2020. The reportdescribes the current level of the hospital’s development, advancing disciplines, talent team reserve, construction of a scientific research platform and international exchange & cooperation, and indicates its direction of future development,. It also highlights the important progress of TMUCIH in establishing a tumor prevention model, the exploration of a tumor occurrence and development mechanism, research and development of new diagnostic and treatment technology, and the development of multi-center clinical research.

   Nature is the leading international weekly journal of science, first published in 1869, and has become the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal. It has reported on all the major scientific breakthroughs in human history over the past 150 years, including life science, environmental science, hard science and technology and applied science. Nature Index 2020 Cancer highlights the work of the best research teams from institutions all over the world, featuring hubs of collaborative excellence and the most productive partnerships in cancer research as well as showcasing outstanding individual researchers.

This special report aims to further expand the academic influence of TMUCIH around the world, and lay a solid foundation for broader international exchanges and cooperation in the future. Meanwhile, TMUCIH sees the establishment of the Research Center for Transitional Medicine and Individualized Cancer Treatment as an opportunity which will enable them to further build new mechanisms for talent introduction, attract targeted readers and accumulate high-end talents. TMUCIH is poised to become a world-class centre for cancer prevention and treatment.