Intelligent @ TMUCIH • smart AI throughout-the intelligent nursing system is up and running and fully operational in our hospital

  The smart era calls for intelligent nursing; intelligent nursing brings the service approach up to date. After the intelligent outpatient system and intelligent inpatient system, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital (TMUCIH) adds a new member: the intelligent nursing system, which brings a new and convenient experience to both clinical nursing work and patient service throughout the hospital which is highly efficient, safe and professional.

  Today, the ceremony to mark Intelligent @ TMUCIH • smart AI throughout - intelligent nursing system’s full and formal operation was held in the outpatient clinic building of TMUCIH. Ping Wang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of the hospital, Ming Gao, deputy president of the hospital, Haiying Jiang, director of North China region of Huiyi Technology Co., Ltd., leaders of relevant functional departments and head nurses attended the ceremony. Ling Yan, vice director of the information department, hosted the ceremony.

  Wanmin Qiang, director of the nursing department, showed a short film demonstrating the hospital’s intelligent nursing project. The project includes three systems, clinical nursing system, nursing management system and nursing teaching system, incorporating 24 primary modules and 99 secondary modules. It also introduced six new intelligent nursing features, namely "nursing evaluation and health education of tumor", "structured typical nursing case document", "Fall risk assessment tool giving active early warning of patients at risk of falls", "part-time nurse management", "smart shift management and reporting", "online training assessment through a platform called 317hu".

  Director Wanmin Qiang said that through the operation of the intelligent nursing project’s ability to systematically integrate data from multiple sources, it optimizes the process of accurate decision making, thereby improving the patient experience and effectively guaranteeing patient safety. The project was widely praised by clinical medical staff and patients. In the future, by continuously building information into the system, the nursing department will continue to make efforts to improve all aspects of the system’s comprehensive ability to raise the level of clinical nursing, professionalism, nursing management, scientific research and teaching.

  Prof. Ping Wang, President of TMUCIH, announced the full operation of the intelligent nursing system and delivered a speech. He fully affirmed the hospital’s intelligent nursing work, acknowledged and praised the hard work of the relevant departments and project contractors. He said that in total Intelligent @ TMUCIH • smart AI is an important component for the hospital to build a smart hospital. From the intelligent outpatient service and intelligent inpatient system to the comprehensive operation of today's intelligent nursing system, he believes that in the future, with the development of more accurate systems, it will provide a higher quality patient experience!

  During the process of sharing their experience of the intelligent nursing system, the head nurse of TMUCIH demonstrated the six modules and six features of the intelligent nursing project to the participants.

  TMUCIH is on its way to building a smart hospital. We believe that with the joint efforts of the hospital leaders and departments, more and more members of the "smart series" of TMUCIH will materialize enabling the ultimate realization of the smart hospital!