TMUCIH Creates Registration and Screening System to Prevent COVID-19 Pandemic 

  In strict compliance to the coronavirus outbreak infection control measures, TMUCIH has taken a series of actions to ensure the integrity of medical services for cancer patients.

Temperature monitoring and Tianjin Health APP-Admission System at registration and Pre-entry screening service

   Due to concerns about potential exposure to the virus, our hospital has set up a strict screening system at entrance of the Outpatient Center as well as Inpatient Building Anyone visiting the hospital, will undergo temperature monitoring and Tianjin Health APP-Admission System , for registration and pre-entry screening.  

Establish an all-appointment system to meet the needs of day patients for diagnosis and treatment

  In the face of the daily flow of nearly 3,000 cancer patients during the epidemic prevention period, the outpatient department, the nursing department and the medical department established the optimum procedures to ensure patient safety and avoid cross-infection. 

Reinforce the principle of disease control management to achieve both epidemic prevention and medical treatment

  In response to the development of the epidemic situation, the Clinic has intensified its excellent epidemic prevention and control management while implementing the medical service. The outpatient office carries out the rational allocation and makes adjustments to the available medical resources in a timely manner by measuring the needs of the patients in each clinical department every day. 

Free online consultation services to reduce risk of nosocomial infection

  In order to further meet the needs of patients and reduce the risk of nosocomial infection, our hospital has arranged for the key doctors of the clinical departments to operate a "free internet online consultation ", which provides a faster and safer online medical channel for the patients for whom face to face consultation with the doctor is inconvenient during the epidemic prevention and control period. 

Strengthen epidemic prevention and control in the clinical departments to better safeguard cancer patients

 Clinical departments invited the experts from ICU and Department of Infection Management to give lectures on COVID-19. Through analyzing the mode of virus transmission and prevention and control strategies, medical staffs have a better understanding of the level and requirements of prevention and control in different treatment environments so that they can use the best scientifically proven practices to safeguard cancer patients with low immunity while at the same time strengthening their own protection.

Reasonable allocation of medical resources to ensure inspection and diagnostic work can be achieved in an orderly manner

  Each clinical diagnostic department regards the epidemic prevention and control as their top priority at present. By careful forward planning they can anticipate peaks of clinical demand and integrate this with epidemic prevention measures enabling them to arrange the department staffs’ shift pattern to cover the workflow while combining clinical and other needs.

Multi-dimensional health education to raise awareness of epidemic prevention and control

   In order increase publicity and education on the epidemic prevention and control, the clinic actively encourages medical personnel to raise prevention awareness and prevention and control activities to ensure zero infection. At the same time, they are making video broadcasts, producing leaflets, flyers and using other ways to disseminate the information about the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control, and also making all kinds of announcements and warm tips in a timely manner through the hospital’s official WeChat platform. Let’s fight together to win the war without smoke.